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Twenty years of success of Huber brand and forty of manufacturing know-how expertise.
Two key figures representing HUBER, the only European manufacturer almost exclusively manufacturing thermostatic mixers and valves, by far the Italian leader within that industry. In 1987 Max Huber, a Swiss engineer in charge of important companies, decided to take over a small Italian business, already producing thermostatic valves for the domestic market since 20 years.
Together with his wife Carmen Savoini and his sons Maurizio and Alberto, Max Huber had foreseen a huge future potential for this product, at the time thought to be purely "technical", and therefore decided to design and manufacture the first bathroom thermostatics, matching style and features suitable for the international market.
Thanks to these innovations, in 1989 HUBER starts its venture on export market.
In 1995 the company moves from Gozzano to San Maurizio, both historical locations focused to the brassware industry, located in the suggestive Lake Orta in the north-west of Italy.
Huber in record time builds up a new factory, that will then be doubled in 2001 for a total of 10.000 covered square metres, entirely dedicated to the manufacture of its thermostatic product lines.
Huber has always believed in a total control over the manufacture and in strictly in-house development of technology and design. A strong and skilled team of engineers and designers has supported over the years this strategy of development.
According to its constant raise of standards of quality, in 2005 Huber opened an additional factory facility in Gozzano, dedicated to galvanic chrome-plating.
The universal thermostatic cartridge and the various components of Huber products are completely made and assembled inside Huber premises, under total quality control. 
A winning strategy in view of increasing competition. 
Today the new concept of "Aqua Emotion" materialises, integrating the typical technical content of thermostatics to the research of exclusive designs for each different collection, thus offering co-ordinated design along with comfort and safety.
The emotions connected to water express to its best thanks to the vast programme of shower columns and heads and to exclusive water blade effect mixers for baths and washbasins.
Strategically Huber has always focused on differentiation on products and design, that today materialises in 20 complete series of co-ordinated mixers (plus numerous articles for central and collective installation and specific applications in industry and healthcare), all featuring a sole cartridge: a practical and efficient solution, allowing ease of maintenance and save of resources.
HUBER is today more than ever the ideal partner of the best professional distribution, offering a comprehensive, modern and state-of-the-art product programme, at very attractive quality/price ratio.


Handtuchwärmer, Badarmaturen, Sanitäreinrichtungen / Sanitärausstattungen, Wanneneinlauf, Ablaufsiphon, Thermostatmischer, Handtuchheizung, Wandhacken, Thermostate, Aufputz-Thermostate
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